How To Copy Copyright Protected CD/DVD To HardDisk

Are you trying to copy data from protected cd/DVD
how to copy copyrighted cd just follow the simple steps below:

STEP 1: Insert any copyrighted cd/DVD in the cd drive.

STEP 2: Click on open to check what files are present in the cd, here did n’t show any option to copy the files from the cd

STEP 3: Here we go Just open windows media player .more over it is default application in Microsoft. click open WMP(windows media player). it already loads our cd information( which files consist in cd)

STEP 4: Select the file or track which we want to copy, to computer hard disk.

STEP 5: Click on RIP setting ->enabling rip cd option. and choose the required option such as format and audio quality with respect to required output.[mp3 format ,windows media audio ,windows media audio pro .audio quality as 48kbps,64kbps,96kbps,128kbps,192kbps ] choose best quality.

STEP 6: Click on RIP CD and wait until the process is completed.

STEP 7: After rip cd completed. Go to default music folder .it shows the files copied from the cd.

Note: In rip setting > more options had advance setting go through it if it necessary to get the best quality.

RIP CD: Ripping a CD means to copy songs from the CD to a computer hard disk. The Windows Media Player is an application from Microsoft that enables you to copy music from any CD onto your computer for free. You can easily manage downloaded music files using Windows Media Player.

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