Conversation Of A Webpage Into Word Document

First of all thanks to copy and paste Creator. Copy and paste elements we use daily ,falling tip is used to help the people. Some of website content are not pretend not shares the content of their step I, e disable the copy option to content thus we not able to copy the contents. So below Ms word hacks helps to u :
Conversation a webpage into word document
Step 1: we know that every website contain page URL. url is just located at on top (address line) just copy the URL ex; lets consider [any website] www.mvhat.Com
Step 2 :open Ms word, just click on file then open and follow the next step to the browse option.
you, may notice that dailogbox has popup and paste the URL click on open
Step 3: whole web page has downloaded but shows in reading only mode .followup the next step to make editable mode.
Step 4:fristly saves the file then edit option had enabled or just doubletap on any where in document.
We can add ormodify images, text,sizes, styles etc..

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