20+Youtube Keyboard Shorcuts Eassy To Use

Youtube is a video sharing website. As Technology is growing very fast we use youtube for learning purpose or funny. the most leading website, some people make money with youtube videos with expressive ideas own. Youtube standardized with all platforms such as smart TVs, Andriod, ios,pc, such as many .those who use the youtube for every instance.

Keyboard Shortcuts :

Toggle play/pause the video K or spacebar
Go forward 5 seconds Right arrow
Go forward 10 seconds l
Go backward 5 seconds Left arrow
Go backword 5 seconds j
To see particular sections in videos [time selections} Numbers 1-9.
eg: a video as 10 min clip .just we need to 5(any) min of video then press 5(ornumber).skips the video selecttinn
Video restart press 0 (not the keypad numbers)
To get video in FULL screen mode press F
Exit FULL screen mode Press ESC (escape)
Go to beginning of video Home
Go to end of video End
Increase speed shitf+>
Decrease speed shift+<
Increase voume 5% Up arrow
Decrease volume 5% down arrow
Frame forward when video is paused .(period)
Frame backward when video is paused ,(comma)
mute/unmute video m
Play previous video in playlist shift+p
Play next video in playlist shift +n
Turn on/off CC (closed captions) c
Cycle through options for caption background color b
k pause the video(doesn’t require fouce)


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comment me if know any tips and make learn everyone.